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Welcome! At Accordia we do what we say!

At Accordia

we do what we say!

And we do it
with absolute

Experts know that for perfect signal transmission what is most crucial is the absolute uniformity over every millimetre of cable. We check it meticulously by measuring structural return loss on-line during manufacturing and off-line at the laboratory. For this very reason, three generations of engineers, specifiers, system integrators and installers have come to trust us.



beyond standard!

technology is
evolving faster
than ever!

For us at Accordia, producing cables that fully meet the technical specifications has never been enough. We regularly offer a level of quality and durability before regulations require us to do so. Why? Because with Accordia’s future-proof planning, for example, Class A++ electromagnetic shielding cables perfectly block interference in the 5G frequency range!



in coaxial cables!

Greek manufactured
cables for Greece
and the world!

With hundreds of million meters of Accordia coaxial cables installed in Greece and 17 other countries, we are trailblazers. This is not by accident! We were the first to adopt the RoHS protocols before they became mandatory and we were the first in Greece and one of the first in Europe to develop coaxial cables in the upper screening class A++  and in the upper fire reaction CPR class B2ca.


Fireproof cables

tried and tested

Accordia’s new
burning test chamber
is up and testing!

What is the point of even having a fire alarm if its cables are the first to burn?! Our fireproof cables are tested at a temperature of 842 degrees celsius for 30, 60 and 120 minutes. Such resilience makes all the difference between life and death, or minor damage and the total destruction of an entire fortune. Our testing allows us to guarantee you that our cables will send the signal the one and only moment you need it to!



joins KNX 

..and presents 3 new cables
tested and certified by KNX Association

As of May 2021, we are an official member-manufacturer of the KNX Association, along with 500 other manufacturers, from 45 different countries and we manufacture one and two pair KNX cables with FlameSmart® technology and with double certification



Design and install with Accordia,
Our know-how will make the difference

Unless you're a professional cable maker yourself, you'll probably benefit from both our know-how as well as our products. As engineers, specifiers, system integrators or installers of any application that requires communication and control networks, do not hesitate to seek our advice for the most suitable cabling for your use and budget. We will guide you through the regulations and specifications, technical knowledge and tips and also with product suggestions.


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