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Compression connectors Accordia FC

Are they really better than standard screw-on?

In order to compare screening of standard screw-on F connectors vs Accordia FC compression connectors, we conducted the following experiment:

We measured screening attenuation of a 3 meter piece of our class A, Vector Sat 110 cable type, twice. First we connected it with standard screw-on F connectors, available in the domestic market. Second measurement was with FC-5170 compression connectors. Measurement results are shown in the following diagram:


Image removed.


With FC-5170 compression connectors, screening attenuation is as expected, Class A (orange line).

With screw-on connectors, screening attenuation is 5-15dB lower within the whole 30-5000MHz frequency range. The total jumper (cable + connector) screening degraded to Class B (blue line).

Conclusion #1
No matter how well screened a cable is, if we terminate it with a low screened connector, total jumper screening will be degraded to the lower connector screening

Conclusion #2
Standard screw-on connectors have much lower screening than Accordia FC compression connectors

(Rhetorical) question
A pair of screw on connector retails approximately at 0.50euro.
A pair of Accordia FC-5170 compression connectors retails at 2 euro.
Is it worth it, to sacrifice so many dB of screening for just 1.50 euro?

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