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Cable talk

Why alarm wires 
from Accordia  ?


What standards do Accordia Defencer alarm cables meet?

Since there is neither a Greek ELOT standard nor a European Cenelec standard for alarm cables, we chose, without being obliged, to follow the two most widespread national standards. Italian CEI 46-76:2020 and British BS 4737-3.30:2015.

So Accordia cables meet BS 4737-3.30:2015 Type 1 and Type 2 and exceed the Italian CEI standard in respect of conductor resistance.


What advantages do Accordia Defencer cables offer compared to cables that meet the Italian CEI 46-76 standard?

 The Italian standard requires conductor resistance of less than 115 Ohm/km, while Accordia cables have conductor resistance less than 100 Ohm/km. So we offer 15% higher conductivity, longer installation runs, trouble-free transfer of signals from detectors and sensors to the central panel and greater mechanical strength of the cable, due to the larger conductor cross-section.


What are the advantages of Accordia Defencer cables compared to pure copper cables?

Our cables are made of  tin-plated copper, which offers greater protection against oxidation and corrosion than plain pure copper, especially at connection points.

Because oxidation and corrosion at connections can lead to failure or false alarms, we believe that in Greek/Mediterranean conditions tinned copper conductors are preferable.


What advantages do Accordia Defencer cables have compares to CCA cables?

 Compared to CCA, TCCA, etc, Accordia cables offer much lower resistance, up to 60% higher conductivity,  higher mechanical strength and better thermal properties. So in addition to longer installation runs and clear signals they withstand better mechanical stress during installation and give extremely stable, long lasting connections, unaffected from temperature fluctuations.


So at Accordia you don't have an "economical" line of cables with conductors made of copper-aluminum alloys?

No, we do not. We believe that these cables are inferior and their use has a high chance of causing problems, thus reducing the reliability of the entire security system.


Do you have alarm cables with AllWeather® technology?

Of course. For applications with outdoor cabling, (such as photovoltaic parks) we manufacture cables with AllWeather® technology that offer excellent resistance to UV radiation and moisture.

You can read more about Accordia AllWeather® technology here.


Do you have alarm cables with Flamesmart® technology?

Of course. For use in public areas, we offer cables manufactured with FlameSmart® technology, having CPR class Dca up to B2ca.

You can read more about Accordia FlameSmart® technology here.


The choices you have made in the design of your alarm cables, (BS 4747, resistance <100 Ohm/km,  tinned copper conductors) add cost, resulting in cables' final price being higher than common cables on the market. Doesn't this bother you?

At Accordia we believe that a security system is only as reliable as the cables that connect its individual components. We also believe that protection of life and property in homes and businesses is too important to be risked for a few tens of euros. Besides, it is a fact that cable cost rarely exceeds 5% of the total value of the complete security system.


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