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Broadcast SDI cables

High definition up to 8K

The SDI (Serial Digital Interface) family of protocols was developed by SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) for the transmission of high-quality video signals at television studios.

It started in the early 90's with the now obsolete 270MB/s SDI and evolved as the demands for higher resolutions, higher transmission rates and more colours grew.

So we had HD-SDI (1,485 Gbit/s, 720p) in 1998, 3G-SDI (2,970 Gbit/s, 1080p60) in 2006 and the latest additions were 6G-SDI (6 Gbit/s, 2160p30) and 12G -SDI (12 Gbit/s, 2160p60) in 2015, to meet the needs for 4K (and 8K in dual link).

Accordia SDI cables are 75 Ohm coaxial, specially designed to meet the high requirements of SMPTE standards and manufactured with the utmost precision.

They have the lowest losses, very high shielding and excellent return loss values. The secret is in the perfectly uniform insulation of three layers of skin-foam-skin and in the online monitoring of the Structural Return Loss during production, by acquiring and combining values from 3 different parametres, using 1000 Hz sampling.

The outer sheath is made of halogen-free materials for increased protection in case of fire.

Accordia SDI cables

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Cable Sheath Diameter (mm) Max.distance (m) SMPTE 292 1,5Gb/s Max.distance (m) SMPTE ST 424 3Gb/s Max.distance (m) SMPTE ST 2081-1 6Gb/s CPR Class
UHD 59 mail HF 5,90 93 65 89 Eca
UHD 6 mail HF 6,90 116 81 111 Eca
Vector® Dgs 1600 mail HF 7,00 123 85 118 B2ca
Vector® Dgs 2000 mail HF 7,00 136 94 127 Dca
UHD 11 mail HF 10,10 187 128 174 Eca

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