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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cables connect surveillance cameras with recorders and monitors in closed circuit television (video surveillance) systems.

At Accordia we manufacture three categories of CCTV cables:

(a) 75 ohm coaxial cables for cameras, HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS

(b) data cables for IP cameras, and

(c) our best seller composite cables that combine signal transmission and power supply, saving valuable installation time.

For applications where outdoor wiring is required we recommend our All Weather® technology cables, for excellent resistance to UV sunlight and moisture.

Accordia cctv cables
Cable Type Sheath (mm) Attenuation dB/100m @800/2150MHz Screening Class CPR Class Technology
Vector Sat+122 mail RG 6 PE 6,8 16,7/27,6 A+ Fca All Weather
Vector Sat+115 mail RG 6 PVC 6,8 17,0/28,2 A+ Eca -
RG 11 mail RG 11 PVC 10,1 11,5/20,0 A Eca -
RG 11 HF mail RG 11 HF 10,1 11,5/20,0 A+ Eca -
RG 11 Premium mail RG 11 PE 10,1 11,5/20,0 A Fca All Weather
Vector Sat +85 mail RG 59 HF 5,2 23,5/39,0 A+ Dca FlameSmart
Vector HD 900 mail RG 59 PVC 5,0 22,8/38,2 - Eca -
RG 59 type mail RG 59 PVC 6,0 34,0/- - Eca -
RG 59 premium mail RG 59 PE 6,15 34,0/- - Fca All Weather

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Cable Signal Cable Power Cables Sheath Sheath (mm) CPR Class Technology
CC 100 mail 1 mini RG59 2x0,50mm2 PVC 5,4 x 7,0 Eca -
CC 102 mail 1 mini RG59 2x0,50mm2 PE 5,6 x 7,0 Fca All Weather
HD900+2x0,75 mail 1 HD900 2x0,75mm2 PVC 6,3 x 8,6 Eca -
HD900+2x0,75 PE mail 1 HD900 2x0,75mm2 PE 6,3 x 8,6 Fca All Weather
CC 200 mail 2 mini RG59 2x0,50mm2 PVC Ø 8,2 Eca -
CC 202 mail 2 mini RG59 2x0,50mm2 PE Ø 8,2 Fca All Weather
DTV 11 mail 1 RG59 7x0,50+3x1,00 PVC Ø 10,5 Eca -
UTP 5e+2x0,75 PE mail 1 U/UTP Cat5e 2x0,75mm2 PE 6,8 x 8,3 Fca All Weather

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