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Coaxial Cables 75 Ohm

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Known also as TV cables or antenna cables, 75 ohm coaxial cables are present in every building to transfer TV signals to our televisions. They are sometimes referred to by technicians under the generic names RG 59, RG 6 and RG 11 but this mainly concerns the outer diametre (RG59 5-6mm, RG6 6.5-7.5mm, RG11 10-11mm) and not the specifications.

In Europe, they usually must meet at least the latest versions of the EN 50117 series of standards and should be suitable for both terrestrial and satellite reception.

Nowadays the primary criterion of choice is their electromagnetic screening class.

In recent years it has become common practice in Europe to choose class A+ or A++ .

In Accordia you will find a full range of 75 ohm coaxial cables in all dimensions, with very low losses (up to 11.50dB/100m @ 800MHz and 20.00dB/100m @ 2150MHz), high shielding (up to Class A++, 130dB and 0.4m ohm/m) and excellent reaction to fire (up to class B2ca, for use in fire protected escape routes).

Do not hesitate to seek our advice regarding the appropriate type for your application.

Accordia 75 Ohm coaxial cables

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Cable Type Sheath (mm) Attenuation dB/100m @800/2150MHz Screening Class CPR Class Technology
Vector® Dgs 2000 mail RG 6/7 HF 7,0 14,7/25,0 A++ Dca FlameSmart®
Vector® Dgs 2002 AW mail RG 6/7 PE 7,0 14,7/25,0 A++ Fca AllWeather®
Vector® Dgs 1600 mail RG 6 HF 7,0 16,1/26,8 A++ B2ca FlameSmart®
Vector® Dgs 1602 AW mail RG 6 PE 6,8 16,1/26,8 A++ Fca AllWeather®
Vector® Dgs 1500 mail RG 6 HF 6,9 16,5/28,2 A++ Dca FlameSmart®
Vector® Sat+ 140 mail RG 6 HF 6,8 16,5/27,3 A+ Eca -
Vector® Sat+ 120 mail RG 6 PVC 6,8 16,7/27,6 A+ Eca -
Vector® Sat+ 122 AW mail RG 6 PE 6,8 16,7/27,6 A+ Fca AllWeather®
Vector® Sat+ 115 mail RG 6 PVC 6,8 17,0/28,2 A+ Eca -
Vector® Sat 110 mail RG 6 PVC 6,8 17,0/29,0 A Eca -
RG 11 mail RG 11 PVC 10,1 11,5/20,0 A Eca -
RG 11 HF mail RG 11 HF 10,1 11,5/20,0 A+ Dca FlameSmart®
RG 11 Premium AW mail RG 11 PE 10,1 11,5/20,0 A Fca AllWeather®
Vector®Sat+ 85 mail RG 59 HF 5,2 23,5/39,0 A+ Dca FlameSmart®
RG 59 type mail RG 59 PVC 6,0 34,0/- - Eca -
RG 59 Premium AW mail RG 59 PE 6,15 34,0/- - Fca AllWeather®

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