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Composite CCTV cables

One cable for signal and power 

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Cable Signal Cable Power Cables Sheath Sheath (mm) CPR Class Technology
CC 100 mail 1 mini RG59 2x0,50mm2 PVC 5,4 x 7,0 Eca -
CC 102 AW mail 1 mini RG59 2x0,50mm2 PE 5,6 x 7,0 Fca AllWeather®
HD900+2x0,75 mail 1 HD900 2x0,75mm2 PVC 6,3 x 8,6 Eca -
HD900+2x0,75 AW mail 1 HD900 2x0,75mm2 PE 6,3 x 8,6 Fca AllWeather®
CC 200 mail 2 mini RG59 2x0,50mm2 PVC Ø 8,2 Eca -
CC 202 AW mail 2 mini RG59 2x0,50mm2 PE Ø 8,2 Fca AllWeather®
DTV 11 mail 1 RG59 7x0,50+3x1,00 PVC Ø 10,5 Eca -
UTP 5e+2x0,75 AW mail 1 U/UTP Cat5e 2x0,75mm2 PE 6,8 x 8,3 Fca AllWeather®

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