Data Cables

High speed, high bandwidth

Data cables or network cables or LAN cables or Ethernet cables are mainly used in structured cabling networks to connect computers to switches and routers, both in the home and in the workplace.

Accordia’s network cables offer reliability and future-proof features. They meet the categories Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7. In particular, Cat 6A and Cat 7 allow the future operation of the network at higher speeds, higher bandwidth and faster connections.

They are made with FlameSmart® technology and are certified regarding their reaction to fire by a notified lab, with class CPR Dca-s2, d2, a1, so they meet the requirements of Greek fire protection regulation 41/2018 for installation in schools, hotels and more generally in places of public gathering.

For outdoor applications, we recommend data cables with All Weather® technology, for excellent resistance to UV sunlight and moisture.


Accordia Lan cables
Cable Frequency Conductors Sheath Diameter (mm) CPR Class Technology
Cat 5e U/UTP mail 200 MHz 24 AWG HF 5.60 Eca -
Cat 6 U/UTP mail 250 MHz 23 AWG PE 6.20 Fca All Weather
Cat 6 U/UTP mail 250 MHz 23 AWG HF 6.00 Dca FlameSmart
Cat 6A U/UTP mail 500 MHz 23 AWG HF 6.30 Dca FlameSmart
Cat 6A S/FTP mail 500 MHz 23 AWG HF 6.40 Dca FlameSmart
Cat 7 S/FTP mail 600 MHz 23 AWG HF 8.00 Dca FlameSmart

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