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Fire Alarm, Fire Resistant Cables

The cable must be the last to burn!

What is the point of a smoke detector or a fire alarm button if the connecting cables burn first?

That's why at Accordia we have developed the Pyrolink® series of fireproof cables for fire detection systems, Halogen Free (HF) and CPR class up to Dca.
The design and construction was based on the European standard EN 54 and our inhouse continuous testing is according to the EN 50200 standard.

Pyrolink® cables have pure copper conductors, single-stranded (Pyrolink® R) or multi-stranded (Pyrolink® F).

For increased shielding against electromagnetic interference, we recommend the Pyrolink® F HS series.

To connect speakers to voice evacuation systems, we offer the Pyrolink® Evac series.

Choosing the right cables is crucial in a fire detection system and at Accordia we ensure the only thing you should insist upon from such a cable - to send the signal at the one and only moment you need it.

Accordia Fire Resistant Cables

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Cable Conductors Time PH (min) Screening Sheath CPR Class Technology
Pyrolink® R mail solid 30 - 120 Al tape + drain HF - -
Pyrolink® R (BS 7629-1) mail solid 30 - 120 Al tape + full CPC HF - -
Pyrolink® F HS mail stranded 30 - 120 braid + Al tape HF Dca HyperShield®
Pyrolink® F mail stranded 30 - 120 Al tape + drain HF - -
Pyrolink® Evac mail stranded 30 - 120 - HF Eca -

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