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Loudspeaker Cables

For crystal clear sound

Speaker cables are designed to transmit audio signals from the amplifier to the speakers with maximum performance and fidelity.

At Accordia we offer a wide variety of speaker cables to meet different needs and requirements. From the classic flat red-black cables to the Hi-End Goliath series with oxygen free copper, Oxygen Free Electronic, with a purity of 99.99%, 5ppm.

For use in hotels, schools and general gatherings, we offer speaker cables

with FlameSmart® technology, with CPR class from Dca (GB series, flat gray-blue) up to B2ca (round SR HF).

For outdoor applications, such as beach bars, we recommend round cables with All Weather® technology, for excellent resistance to UV sunlight and humidity.

To connect speakers to voice evacuation systems, we offer the fireproof Pyrolink® Evac cables.

Accordia Speaker Cable

Click Download symbol to download technical data sheets. More technical documents and certificates at Downloads

Cable Type Conductors Colors Sheath CPR Class Technology
SR series HF mail round OFCu black / white / grey HF Dca / B2ca FlameSmart®
SR series PVC mail round OFCu black / white / grey PVC Eca -
SR series PE AW mail round OFCu black PE Fca AllWeather®
Pyrolink® Evac mail round OFCu purple HF Eca -
Cable Type Conductors Colors Sheath CPR Class Technology
ME series mail flat Cu white PVC Fca -
RB series mail flat Cu red-black PVC Fca -
GB series mail flat Cu grey-blue HF Dca FlameSmart®
TP series mail flat Cu transparent PVC Fca -
Goliath® series mail flat OFCu transparent PVC Fca -

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