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Security Alarm Cables

Protecting Life
and Property

Security systems protect life and property in homes and businesses.

For an alarm system to be reliable, however, its components must be connected using high quality cables.

At Accordia we make security alarm cables only from tinned pure copper. This is how we guarantee the cable’s excellent electrical and mechanical properties and also to cope perfectly with installation stress, resulting in very stable connections, resilient in time and to temperature changes.

At the same time, false alarms are reduced, because they usually arise from low-quality wiring.

For use in hotels, schools and general gatherings, we offer cables for alarm systems with FlameSmart® technology, with CPR class up to B2ca.

For applications where the wiring is located outdoors, (such as solar parks) we manufacture cables with All Weather® technology that offer excellent resilience to UV sunlight and moisture.

Accordia Alarm Cables Photo

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Cable Nr of Conductors Conductors Screening Power Cables Sheath CPR Class Technology
Defencer SC TU series mail 4/6/8/12 TCu - - PVC Eca -
Defencer SC TU HF series mail 6 TCu - - HF Dca FlameSmart®
Defencer SC TS series mail 4/6/8/12 TCu Al tape + drain - PVC Eca -
Defencer SC TS+Power series mail 4/6 TCu Al tape + drain 2x0,50mm2 PVC Eca -
Defencer SC TS HF series mail 8 TCu Al tape + drain - HF B2ca/Dca FlameSmart®
Defencer SC TS+Power HF series mail 6 TCu Al tape + drain 2x0,50mm2 HF Dca FlameSmart®
Defencer SC TS AW series mail 8 TCu Al tape + drain - PE Fca AllWeather®
Defencer SC TS+Power AW series mail 4/6 TCu Al tape + drain 2x0,50mm2 PE Fca AllWeather®

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