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At Accordia we know that a large part of home life centres around entertainment and information. That is why television, Hi-Fi and home theater systems and the internet are very important.

Especially for television, research shows that consumers prefer quality content and high picture quality. That is why TVs with the latest technology, larger dimensions, and better definitions are always in greatest demand.

Naturally, reception quality, and in particular the wiring, must be able to transfer images accurately and smoothly without pixelated images and frozen screens.

That is why we offer you 75 ohm TV cables, with low loss and high electromagnetic shielding up to A++ class that not only meet but also exceed the Greek and European standards.

If you prefer your TV via internet, we offer data cables up to Cat 7, since usually your router’s wired connection in your house offers higher speeds and greater stability compared to Wi-Fi.

Regarding sound systems, we offer a wide variety of speaker cables, with pure copper conductors only, either 99.95% or oxygen free 99.99%, which carry all the sound to the speakers, without any limitation by compression algorithms.

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Television Cables

Known in Greece as TV cables or antenna cables, 75 ohm coaxial cables are present in every building to transfer TV signals to our televisions.

Cable Type Sheath (mm) Attenuation dB/100m @800/2150MHz Screening Class CPR Class Technology
Vector Dgs 2000 mail RG 6 HF 7,0 14,7/25,0 A++ Dca FlameSmart
Vector Dgs 2002 mail RG 6 PE 7,0 14,7/25,0 A++ Fca All Weather
Vector Dgs 1600 mail RG 6 HF 7,0 16,1/26,8 A++ B2ca FlameSmart
Vector Dgs 1602 mail RG 6 PE 6,8 16,1/26,8 A++ Fca All Weather
Vector Dgs 1500 mail RG 6 HF 6,9 16,5/28,2 A++ Dca FlameSmart
Vector Sat+140 mail RG 6 HF 6,8 16,5/27,3 A+ Eca -
Vector Sat+120 mail RG 6 PVC 6,8 16,7/27,6 A+ Eca -
Vector Sat+122 mail RG 6 PE 6,8 16,7/27,6 A+ Fca All Weather
Vector Sat+115 mail RG 6 PVC 6,8 17,0/28,2 A+ Eca -
Vector Sat 110 mail RG 6 PVC 6,8 17,0/29,0 A Eca -
RG 11 mail RG 11 PVC 10,1 11,5/20,0 A Eca -
RG 11 HF mail RG 11 HF 10,1 11,5/20,0 A+ Eca -
RG 11 Premium mail RG 11 PE 10,1 11,5/20,0 A Fca All Weather
Vector Sat +85 mail RG 59 HF 5,2 23,5/39,0 A+ Dca FlameSmart

Loudspeaker Cables

Speaker cables or loudspeakers are designed to transmit audio signals from the amplifier to the speakers with maximum performance and fidelity.

Loudspeaker Goliath inverse
Cable Type Conductors Colors Sheath CPR Class Technology
ME series mail flat Cu white PVC Fca -
RB series mail flat Cu red-black PVC Fca -
GB series mail flat Cu grey-blue HF Dca FlameSmart
TP series mail flat Cu transparent PVC Fca -
Goliath series mail flat OFCu transparent PVC Fca -
SR series mail round Cu white PVC Fca -
SR series PE mail round Cu black PE Fca AllWeather
SR series HF mail round Cu white HF Dca / B2ca FlameSmart

Data Cables

Accordia’s network cables offer reliability and future-proof features.
They belong to the categories Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7.

Cable Frequency Conductors Sheath Diameter (mm) CPR Class Technology
Cat 5e U/UTP mail 200 MHz 24 AWG HF 5.60 Eca -
Cat 6 U/UTP mail 250 MHz 23 AWG PE 6.20 Fca All Weather
Cat 6 U/UTP mail 250 MHz 23 AWG HF 6.00 Dca FlameSmart
Cat 6A U/UTP mail 500 MHz 23 AWG HF 6.30 Dca FlameSmart
Cat 6A S/FTP mail 500 MHz 23 AWG HF 6.40 Dca FlameSmart
Cat 7 S/FTP mail 600 MHz 23 AWG HF 8.00 Dca FlameSmart

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