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About us


We design and manufacture

high precision

communication cables

Wherever wiring requires true reliability and durability, we are there. For half a century we have been earning the trust of engineers, specifiers, system integrators and installation technicians because we produce, with precision, the cables they need for perfect signal transmission in smart buildings, TV distribution and broadcasting, data transfer, video and audio transmission, and alarm systems.

5g city
Here how we got here

Neck and neck with evolution

In the early 1970s, broadcasting sparked a race for new technologies. For Greece to compete with the Germans or the Japanese in the appliances market seemed impossible at the time, so we figured we should, at least, excel in cable manufacturing. We created Biokal [from the Greek for industry and cables: Biomechania Kalodion] and, before long, the growing community of engineers, specifiers and installation technicians had a local manufacturer of advanced communication cables to rely on.

BIOKAL bulding
Leaders in our own country

Proud of our international recognition

Soon after their launch, our VECTOR branded cables -still in production today- become the Greek industry standard. In the ’90’s we were the largest coaxial producer in the country and eagerly looking into foreign markets.

In 2000, exports reached 50% of our annual turnover. Our production processes are regularly transformed by new technologies such as natural gas injection and the triple layer skin-foam-skin insulation. From 2012 until today we are the exclusive supplier of cables for Cosmote TV, a leading Greek satellite communications provider. Our endorsement by Turksat, the Turkish state-owned cable and satellite TV provider, attests to our expanding international presence.

Map accordia
With the same passion

Set for another 50 years

With hundreds of millions of meters of cables and an ever richer know-how under our belt, we are now setting our next operation targets. We redesign our cables to higher safety and fire-resistance standards. Low Smoke Halogen-free, high temperature plastics and other novel materials have entered our production lines. New categories of cables for smart building applications, fire alarms, automation systems and broadcast SDI are broadening our portfolio along with more certifications, the B2ca and KNX among them. New markets are opening for us in Asia and a brand new corporate identity reflects our own evolution.

Big city

From Biokal to Accordia

Our new name points to what we do and how we offer it to our customers:

cord - a reference to the cables we produce

accord - expresses the consistent and harmonious operation of telecommunication networks and systems, which we ensure with our cables

cordial - the way we work and cooperate

With such a combined meaning, the word Accordia goes beyond a corporate name: it is our true promise to all our staff and partners.

Our mission

Detail decides perfection

In the modern world of information and automation, small details, such as how wires behave in electromagnetic interference or temperature fluctuations can have a critical effect on the performance of even the most intelligent of systems. Our mission was and is to ensure the perfect behaviour of cables where, whenever and with whatever signal they transmit.

Cables add charts-diagrams
Our vision

Keep up with the leaps and bounds

In half a century of Accordia operations, telecommunication developments have skyrocketed, literally! Life without TCP/IP has become unthinkable and from the first mobile phones we leaped forward to 5G in almost no time.

Developments will continue to accelerate yet more and our vision is to always be tuned in, be at the forefront, and with the right cables, ready to transmit humanity’s latest idea.

Woman using his mobile smartphone
Our mantra, motivation and goal

Cables beyond standard

To make our vision a reality, it is not enough to offer only necessary cable solutions. We need to innovate; to design and produce cables that go beyond the standard, stand the test of time, and make every single installation easy and successful.

Our values

Accordia's driving principles

Since our foundation in 1974, we have remained faithful to the three principles of operation that Ioannis Dimitriadis set out:


For excellence to become a manufacturer’s habit they must go beyond simply trying to maintain quality standards.


Research and development will always attract more and better customers as opposed to marginal deals based on false promises and “low” prices.


Working with each customer for their individual need and application creates trust and the drive to make progress.

Professional meeting


We operate the following:

  • ISO 9001 for the Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 for the Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001 for the Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Accordia ISO 9000 english

Join the team

Accordia’s most important factor for development and success is its people. Join our team and make the next leap in your career.



The many years cooperation between Accordia (formerly BIOKAL) and OTE group is characterized by professionalism and reliability.

Dimitris Dritselis

Accordia-Biokal is a company that we are pleased to work with  its fast reactions, experienced technical team and advanced laboratory and reliable administrative crew.

Serpil Bardot
Managing Director, RENKEL ELEKTRONIK

Professionalism, excellent communication, prompt service, product quality are the characteristics that make Accordia (Biokal) stand out and the recipe for success for a stable and trustful cooperation.
The profile of the company goes beyond the Greek market and reaches the standards of a multinational company..

Aris Tsianakas
Country Manager (VSAT Internet retail services) at Eutelsat

Our fruitful cooperation lasts for many years.
All these years we have been receiving
a responsive support, quality consulting and a friendly attitude.

Marko Maček
Regional Sales Manager, ISKRA d.o.o.

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