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Access Control Cables

For reliable automation systems

These cables carry signals between the individual units of an access control system. These signals usually need to be protected from the electromagnetic interference of the environment.

At Accordia, taking into account today's demands and environment, we design and manufacture a wide range of control cables, with a variety of cross-sections and core numbers to cope with their intended use and the required length.

Systematic shielding measurements in our laboratory confirm that Accordia control cables offer electromagnetic shielding values much higher than conventional cables and so ensure signal integrity.

In addition to the traditional LiYCY and YSLCY with PVC, we also offer the corresponding LiHCH and HSLCH with halogen-free plastics and FlameSmart® technology for increased fire safety, in CPR class up to B2ca.

Accordia Control Cables

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Cable Conductors Insulation Screening Sheath CPR Class Technology
LiY(St)Y mail Cu PVC Al tape + drain PVC Eca -
LiH(St)H mail Cu HF Al tape + drain HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart®
LiYCY mail Cu PVC braid PVC Eca -
LiHCH mail Cu HF braid HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart®
LiHCH type AW mail Cu HF πλέγμα PE Fca AllWeather®
LiY(St)CY mail Cu PVC braid + Al tape PVC Eca -
LiH(St)CH mail Cu HF braid + Al tape HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart®
YSLCY mail Cu PVC braid PVC Eca -
HSLCH mail Cu HF braid HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart®
HSLCH type AW mail Cu HF braid PE Fca AllWeather®

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