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Microphone Cables

Choosing the right microphone cable makes a significant difference to the performance of any audio system.

Because extremely low-voltage audio signals are also extremely vulnerable to external interference, the microphone cable interface requires them to be shielded, yet, at the same time, durable and flexible.

The Accordia range of microphone cables includes copper or copper tin-plated conductors, ensuring the required combination of high metal conductivity and duct flexibility, and a copper or copper-plated wire shielding the cable, protecting it from electromagnetic noise.

Accordia microphone cables

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Cable Conductors Screening Sheath Sheath (mm) CPR Class
M150 mail 1 braid PVC 3,60 Fca
M250 mail 2 braid PVC 5,50 Fca
M222 mail 2 individual braids PVC 3,10 x 6,20 Fca

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