KNX/EIB cables

Cables for smart buildings, tested and
certified by the KNX Association

In recent years the term smart home or generally smart building has become very popular.

And not wrongly either! Smart buildings improve energy efficiency, comfort, flexibility and security.

And when it comes to smart buildings, the first name that comes to mind is the KNX system - the global open standard for automated buildings.

At Accordia we are an official member-manufacturer of KNX and we manufacture one and two pair KNX cables with the FlameSmart® technology and with double certification:


(1) tested and certified for their construction, electrical and mechanical characteristics by KNX Association itself
(2) tested and certified in terms of their reaction to fire by a notified body, with class CPR Dca-s2, d2, a1, thus meeting the requirements of greek fire protection regulation 41/2018 for installation in public gathering places, such as schools, hotels, etc.

They are available in classic green but also in white. For outdoor applications, we recommend the 2-pair cable with All Weather® Technology, for excellent resistance to UV sunlight and moisture.

Accordia KNX cables

You can find Technical Data Sheets and Certificates at the Downloads section

Cable Pairs Screening Sheath Diameter (mm) CPR Class Technology
1x2x0,8 KNX mail 1 Al tape + drain HF 5.50 Eca -
2x2x0,8 KNX mail 2 braid + Al tape HF 8.00 B2ca FlameSmart
2x2x0,8 KNX mail 2 Al tape + drain HF 6.10 Dca FlameSmart
2x2x0,8 KNX mail 2 Al tape + drain PE 6.10 Fca All Weather

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