RG Mil Std Cables

Military specification cables

Although many decades have passed since the original version of the Mil-C-17 standard, RG cables are still used internationally for signal transfer applications on electronic devices.

At Accordia we manufacture the main types of RG cables with a characteristic resistance of 50 Ohm (RG 58C/U, RG 213/U, RG 214/U, RG 223/U) following the requirements of the original standards, but applying modern materials and production methods.

For cases where there is a requirement for increased safety in case of fire, such as ship installations, we have developed special RG cable types, where we have replaced the PVC with halogen-free plastic with low smoke emissions.

Accordia RG type cables
Cable Sheath Diameter (mm) Attenuation dB/100m @800MHz Attenuation dB/100m @2150MHz CPR Class Technology
RG 58 Mil-C-17 mail PVC 4.95 51,5 - Fca -
RG 58 Mil-C-17 HF mail HF 4.95 51,5 - Fca -
RG 213 Mil-C-17 mail PVC 10.30 22,0 41,5 Fca -
RG 213 Mil-C-17 HF mail HF 10.80 22,0 41,5 Fca -
RG 214 Mil-C-17 mail PVC 10.80 22,0 41,5 Fca -
RG 214 Mil-C-17 HF mail HF 10.80 22,0 41,5 Fca -
RG 223 Mil-C-17 mail PVC 5.40 41,5 70,0 Fca -

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