Coaxial Cables 50 Ohm

For full power
signal transmission

Coaxial cables with an impedance of 50 ohms are used in signal transmission systems for wireless communication applications.

At Accordia we manufacture the 50 ohm coaxial cables of the WL series, with very low losses and excellent electromagnetic shielding. Their insulation is composed of physically foamed  polyethylene by the gas injection method and the three-layer skin-foam-skin technology.

During production, we constantly monitor the Structural Return Loss values ​​resulting in cables that match excellently and without standing waves (low VSWR).

Compared to the corresponding RG cables they have much lower losses and much higher electromagnetic shielding. They are compatible with all the classic 50 ohm connectors on the market.

Accordia 50 Ohm RF cables
Cable Sheath Diameter (mm) Attenuation dB/100m @800MHz Attenuation dB/100m @2150MHz CPR Class Technology
WL 240 mail PVC 5.40 26.0 46.0 Eca -
WL 240/PE mail PE 5.40 26.0 46.0 Fca All Weather
WL 400 mail PVC 10.15 12.0 20.5 Fca -
WL 400 PE mail PE 10.15 12.0 20.5 Fca All Weather
WL 400 HF mail HF 10.15 12.0 20.5 Fca -
RG 213 type mail PVC 10.30 22.0 41.5 Fca -
RG 214 type mail PVC 10.30 22.0 41.5 Fca -

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