Smart Building

Accordia cables for
Building Management Systems (BMS)

Between work and home, the average person spends about 90% of their life indoors. For some years now, there has been a move towards increasing aesthetics, comfort, safety, functionality and energy efficiency. This has all led to greater automation in residential and other buildings.

The transition between the generation of conventional buildings to the next one, that of smart buildings, requires communication and co-operation between the building’s various systems. This is achieved via a single building automation system that offers easy simultaneous management of many functions and maximising performance.

Accordia’s high quality automation cables ensure excellent wired communication and fit everywhere - whether small or large residential, industrial, commercial, new or older buildings.

As a certified manufacturer of the KNX Association - the standard building automation system prevailing in 190 countries worldwide in most modern buildings - we are able to offer you solutions that through guaranteed interoperability between our cables and products and applications from different manufacturers, will give you daily control of your living or working environment.


KNX/EIB cables

At Accordia we are an official member-manufacturer of the KNX organisation and we manufacture one and two pair KNX certified cables

KNX cable side view
Cable Pairs Screening Sheath Diameter (mm) CPR Class Technology
1x2x0,8 KNX mail 1 Al tape + drain HF 5.50 Eca -
2x2x0,8 KNX mail 2 braid + Al tape HF 8.00 B2ca FlameSmart
2x2x0,8 KNX mail 2 Al tape + drain HF 6.10 Dca FlameSmart
2x2x0,8 KNX mail 2 Al tape + drain PE 6.10 Fca All Weather

Control Cables

Control cables carry automation, control and communication signals to smart buildings, protecting them from external electromagnetic interference.

LiYCY cable inverse
Cable Conductors Insulation Screening Sheath CPR Class Technology
LiY(St)Y mail Cu PVC Al tape + drain PVC Eca -
LiH(St)H mail Cu HF Al tape + drain HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart
LiYCY mail Cu PVC braid PVC Eca -
LiHCH mail Cu HF braid HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart
LiY(St)CY mail Cu PVC braid + Al tape PVC Eca -
LiH(St)CH mail Cu HF braid + Al tape HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart

Data Cables

Accordia’s data cables offer reliability and future-proof features up to Cat 7.

Cable Frequency Conductors Sheath Diameter (mm) CPR Class Technology
Cat 5e U/UTP mail 200 MHz 24 AWG HF 5.60 Eca -
Cat 6 U/UTP mail 250 MHz 23 AWG PE 6.20 Fca All Weather
Cat 6 U/UTP mail 250 MHz 23 AWG HF 6.00 Dca FlameSmart
Cat 6A U/UTP mail 500 MHz 23 AWG HF 6.30 Dca FlameSmart
Cat 6A S/FTP mail 500 MHz 23 AWG HF 6.40 Dca FlameSmart
Cat 7 S/FTP mail 600 MHz 23 AWG HF 8.00 Dca FlameSmart

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