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Coaxial Jumpers


Jumper cables or Fly Leads are small pieces of cable, usually 0.25m-10m, with built-in connectors at their ends.

The most common jumper used in television reception installations is a 75 Ohm coaxial cable with F (male) - F (male), IEC (male) - IEC (female) and BNC (male) - BNC (male) connectors, according to the EN 60966 series standards.

The jumper has been shown to be one of the most vulnerable elements of an installation, in terms of external electromagnetic interference and for this reason, since 2010 there is an increased demand in the market for jumpers with high electromagnetic shielding, class A++.

At Accordia we can support any small or large project, requiring jumpers of A++ class coaxial cables, with compression connectors F, IEC or BNC in various lengths.

Our jumpers are assembled in a modern high-precision production line and are tested and verified one by one by a vector analyzer.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your jumper needs.

Accordia Jumpers

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