Industry 4.0:
Cables for smart factories

Rapid technological developments in the fields of digitisation and artificial intelligence could not but positively affect industry. The result is the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0.

Industrial application cables must ensure the uninterrupted and secure exchange of signals and data between the individual systems of the production process in a completely "hostile" environment:
Extreme temperatures, chemicals, humidity and dust, many electromagnetic signals, 24/7 continuous operation and other demanding situations.

In this dense atmosphere, both environmentally and electromagnetically, signal integrity and lossless transmission without electromagnetic interference must be ensured.

Failure can endanger the operator, cause quality problems and make very expensive equipment inefficient.

At Accordia we know that production downtime may cost thousands of euros. That is why we offer high quality cables, that operate reliably 24/7 at harsh industrial conditions. 

industrial robots

BUS Cables

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Cable Pairs Screening Sheath Diameter (mm) CPR Class Technology
1x2x0,8 KNX mail 1 Al tape + drain HF 5.50 Eca -
2x2x0,8 KNX mail 2 braid + Al tape HF 8.00 B2ca FlameSmart
2x2x0,8 KNX mail 2 Al tape + drain HF 6.10 Dca FlameSmart
2x2x0,8 KNX mail 2 Al tape + drain PE 6.10 Fca All Weather
1x2x0,64 PROFIBUS DP mail 1 braid + Al tape HF 8.00 Dca FlameSmart

Control Cables

At Accordia we design and manufacture a wide range of control cables.

LiYCY cable inverse
Cable Conductors Insulation Screening Sheath CPR Class Technology
LiYY mail Cu PVC - PVC Eca -
LiHH mail Cu HF - HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart
LiY(St)Y mail Cu PVC Al tape + drain PVC Eca -
LiH(St)H mail Cu HF Al tape + drain HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart
LiYCY mail Cu PVC braid PVC Eca -
LiHCH mail Cu HF braid HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart
LiY(St)CY mail Cu PVC braid + Al tape PVC Eca -
LiH(St)CH mail Cu HF braid + Al tape HF Dca / Cca / B2ca FlameSmart

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