Loudspeaker Cables

For crystal clear sound

Speaker cables are designed to transmit audio signals from the amplifier to the speakers with maximum performance and fidelity.

At Accordia we offer a wide variety of speaker cables to meet different needs and requirements. From the classic flat red-black cables to the Hi-End Goliath with oxygen free copper, Oxygen Free Electronic, with a purity of 99.99%, 5ppm.

For use in hotels, schools and general gatherings, we offer speaker cables

with FlameSmart® technology, with CPR class Dca (GB series, gray-blue board) up to B2ca (round SR HF).

For outdoor applications, such as beach bars, we recommend round cables with All Weather® technology, for excellent resistance to UV sunlight and humidity.

To connect speakers to voice evacuation systems, we offer the fireproof Pyrolink® Evac cables.

Accordia Speaker Cable
Cable Type Conductors Colors Sheath CPR Class Technology
ME series mail flat Cu white PVC Fca -
RB series mail flat Cu red-black PVC Fca -
GB series mail flat Cu grey-blue HF Dca FlameSmart
TP series mail flat Cu transparent PVC Fca -
Goliath series mail flat OFCu transparent PVC Fca -
SR series mail round Cu white PVC Fca -
SR series PE mail round Cu black PE Fca AllWeather
SR series HF mail round Cu white HF Dca / B2ca FlameSmart

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