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Cable talk

For beyond standard cables,
you need a beyond standard company

Beyond the usual

At Accordia, our usual practice is to refrain from the usual! When it comes to innovation approach design from “outside the box”, and seek ways beyond the limits others accept. This approach led to our "two-in-one" design of the CC-100 cable or the useful EasyPack package 250 metre roll.

The benefits of this unconventional "habit" are passed on to planners, distributors, integrators, installers and, ultimately, users. A typical example is our Vector® Dgs 1602 AllWeather® cable, which goes far beyond the usual PET cables. Due to the water blocking agent it contains, it successfully passes the water penetration test EN 50289-4-2, ensuring perfect signal transmission for many years!


Beyond standards

Compliance with European and international standards is the start, the bare minimum for Accordia. Settling for the standard is not enough if your heart is set on the best. Think of it this way too: national and international standards take years to be decided on and published, yet in the meantime rapid developments in telecommunications change the playing field and standards become swiftly out dated. Our answer? Pioneer new standards!

So we keep our ear to the ground, carefully observe and follow the best trends, know the uses and anticipate the needs. That way we deliver product solutions that synchronise today with tomorrow. That's why, for example, we met the ROHS long before they became mandatory. That's why our screening exceeds 130dB while the A++ specification requires only 105dB. No wonder our cables are so long lasting!

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