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8+1 tips to improve
TV antenna reception

In 2021, Greek DTT provider Digea implemented the "2nd digital transition" which mainly included changes in transmission frequencies, in order to release the 700 MHz band to be used by mobile phone companies for the development of 5G networks.

Along with the frequencies, however, some other technical parameters of the broadcast changed (e.g. modulation).

As a result, reception problems may occur in several areas: TV picture pixelating and freezing, or even worse, some channels completely disappear.

In the next 1-3 years, as mobile phone companies develop 5G networks in the 700 Mhz band, and 5G mobile devices number will increase, interference problems are likely to be added.

Here are 8+1 simple tips to improve your TV antenna reception and ensure its smooth operation for many years.

1. Use the best possible, high gain antenna. It is worth to choose a proven brand, made by a well-established manufacturer. 

2. Carefully select the mounting location and its exact orientation towards the transmission center.

3. Always use class A ++ shielding cable (eg Vector® DGS 2000, Vector® DGS 1600, Vector® DGS 1500) or at least class A + (Vector® Sat 120, Vector® Sat 140).

4. Use compression F connectors suitable for outdoor use (Eg. Accordia FC 5170).

5. Use a filter for 5G frequencies (in the next 1-2 years, it will become necessary).

6. In simple individual installations, If possible,  avoid using an amplifier.

7. If the use of an amplifier is necessary, select one with low noise figure.

8. In an existing installation, replace the (usually short) piece of cable from the antenna to the amplifier an  A ++ class cable, especially made for outdoors (e.g. Vector® DGS 1602 AllWeather® or Vector® DGS 2002 AllWeather®).

9. Call a professional installer with knowledge of local conditions, and a field strength meter to make all necessary measurements.

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