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HyperShield® Electromagnetic Shielding

More necessary than ever!

In modern day life the simultaneous use of many smart devices in one place is the rule. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs transmit and receive signals constantly. Now add to that the signal sent and received by smart air conditioning and heating systems, lighting, sound, even robotic vacuum cleaners, and you will begin to realise the disruption interference can cause and therefore, the enormous importance of high-level electromagnetic shielding!

At Accordia, we specialise in redesigning the market's most popular cables to achieve greater electromagnetic shielding. We call their type HyperShield® and you will find them in every category and type of application - coaxial, alarm, LiYCY, LAN, audio, KNX etc. Why are they so important? It is simple. You can remove one device causing interference from another, but what can you do with tens of metres of built-in cable, which would need the extra 30 dB of shielding to do the job perfectly?

How we achieve it is a little complex! With the mentality that characterises the whole of Accordia, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of available technologies beyond standard...and our efforts have proven worthwhile! Regarding accuracy, we were one of the first to use the triaxial tube method. In durability, we took over 2000 shield measurements in the last decade alone. Below are typical comparison tables that result from our tests.

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