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Featured Cable: Vector® DGS 1600 B2ca Α++

Vector® DGS 1600 is a type RG6 coaxial cable, 75 Ohm, halogen free, with FlameSmart® technology, having CPR class B2ca s1a, d1, a1, Screening class A++ and with increased resistance to oxidation due to silver coated copper inner conductor.

It is used as an antenna cable, both satellite and terrestrial, as a cctv camera cable, for DOCSIS 3.1 systems and for SDI signal transmission.

It has the best features of all standard coaxial cables and is the best seller of our company over many years. Compared to a standard RG 6 cable,Vector® DGS 1600 has lower attenuation, better screening, resistance to oxidation, and better reaction to fire.



Inner conductor made of silver plated pure copper (99.9% copper with silver coating) 1.13mm diameter . The silver plated conductor has higher conductivity than copper, especially at higher frequencies, because of the skin effect therefore cable has lower attenuation.

Triple layer insulation, skin-foam-skin, made of physically foamed high density polyethylene.

Outer conductor made of tinned copper wires and two aluminium tapes, one of which is bonded to the insulation.

Outer sheath made of Halogen Free, Flame Retardant plastic material.

Incorporates Flamesmart® technology.

CPR certified by independent notified body.

CPR reaction to fire B2ca-s1a, d1, a1, one of the very few coaxial cables internationally achieving the highest CPR class.

According to PD 41/2018, suitable for All building categories INCLUDING fire protected escape routes.

Complies with ΕΝ 50117-2-4, ΕΝ 50117-9-2 and ΕΝ 50575 standards.

Screening Class A++, the highest possible, protects its signal from external interference.

Screening Class A++, the highest possible, does not radiate its signal.

Suitable for SDI signal transmission up to 6 GHz.

Very low attenuation, 16.10dB/100m@800MHz, 26.80dB/100m@2150MHz, 49.50dB/100m@6000MHz.


Analog and Digital Terrestrial Television reception
Satellite television reception
Satellite internet
Video signals, including 1.5G-SDI, 3G-SDI & 6G-SDI
CCTV cameras

Download its technical data sheet  here

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