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FlameSmart® technology for safe buildings

What is Accordia FlameSmart® technology?

FlameSmart® technology is the design or redesign of a cable in order to improve its reaction to fire, without degrading its electrical and mechanical characteristics and affecting its basic function.

So what is the difference with Accordia’s FlameSmart® cables?

When Accordia FlameSmart® cables burn they do not propagate the flame, but instead, emit less heat and at a low rate, produce zero or very little smoke, do not produce flammable particles or droplets, and the combustion gases are non-toxic and non-corrosive.

And how do we actually achieve such a level of fire safety?

It is quite complex and results from the combination of many factors, such as the choice of plastic materials, mixed with additives, the use of two or more layers of insulation, dimensional modification, the use of flame barriers, etc. It also requires a lot of trial and error and many hours of burning tests.

How does FlameSmart® technology relate to the CPR (Construction Products Regulation)?

The cables that incorporate FlameSmart® technology, achieve CPR Dca, Cca and B2ca classes under notified laboratory testing and are accompanied by the corresponding Declaration of Performance (DoP).

How does FlameSmart® technology relate to the new Greek Fire Protection Regulation (PD 41/2018)?

FlameSmart® Class Dca, Cca, B2ca cables can be generally used in ALL building categories and FlameSmart Class B2ca cables can be used in fire protected escape routes.

Sounds quite easy!

It is, but it’s hard to do, especially in telecommunication cables. Often the modifications we make to improve fire reaction diminish the electrical and mechanical characteristics and vice versa.

For example, we are really proud of our Vector DGS 1600 FlameSmart® coaxial cable, which combines excellent electrical characteristics (low losses 26.8dB/100m @ 2150MHz, excellent class A++ shielding) and CPR class B2 s1a, d1, a1. Very few manufacturers can achieve this.

Why is FlameSmart® technology important?

Normal cables in a building are everywhere and make a significant contribution to total fire load. They run through floors and apartments and may accelerate the spread of fire. 

Our Accordia FlameSmart® cables significantly improve the fire protection and safety of buildings and may save lives.

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