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cable talk

Certified KNX cables, made in Greece by Accordia

What is KNX?

Every time we refer to smart buildings, our thoughts go directly to KNX systems. 
KNX is the open global standard that complies with European requirements for building automation. 
It is the technology that controls automation applications in a building, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. 
What are its applications? 

The possibilities and solutions it provides are numerous and of particular importance since they offer reliable and easily implemented ways to make our lives comfortable and convenient. 
The management of heating, cooling, ventilation (HVAC) systems, security systems (Alarm, CCTV, Panic buttons) and lighting are some of the applications of KNX in building automation. 
Is it related to energy consumption?

One of these systems purpose, especially in the period of energy crisis, is energy saving. 
Users can easily extract data and then parameterize the system to become more energy efficient. 
After all, the KNX  technology is constantly evolving and adapting to the specialized needs of every environment.
Is there a global ΚΝΧ association? 

With more than 500 member manufacturers, producing  8000 products that work seamlessly together, it is the world's largest automation organization. 
Is Accordia a KNX member?

Of course. As Accordia, we actively participate in  KNX association with the production and distribution of TP1 KNX certified cables suitable for use in automation systems. 
We are the only Greek cable manufacturer whose products meet the high requirements and specifications of KNX association and this is proven by the KNX certification. 
What kind of certification does Accordia's KNX cables have ? 

Accordia manufactures one and two pairs TP1 KNX cables with double certification: 
(a) tested and certified for their construction, electrical and mechanical characteristics by the KNX Association itself 
(b) tested and certified in terms of their reaction to fire by a notified body, with CPR class  Dca-s2, d2, a1, thus meeting the requirements of Greek fire protection regulation PD 41/2018 for installation in public gathering places, such as schools, hotels, etc. 
For outdoor wiring, we recommend KNX cables with AllWeather® technology that offer excellent resistance to UV solar radiation and humidity. 

Why certified cables? 

As KNX signals are transmitted through properly certified cabling, connecting controllers, actuators and sensors, their reliability determines the efficiency and smooth operation of the entire system. 
Choosing of Accordia's certified cables is the safest solution to create a fully certified KNX system. 

More information about Accordia's range of certified KNX cables are here


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