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Is Pyrolink® F HS the best 
fire resistant cable? 

For reliable fire detection, fire alarm systems



What is Pyrolink® F HS ?

Pyrolink® F HS (Hypershield®) is the new  fire-resistant cable manufactured by  Accordia for fire detection, fire alarm systems.


What fire resistance time does it provide?

At least 180min (FE 180) tested according to IEC 60331-21 and

at least 120min (PH 120) tested according to EN 50200

Where are these tests made?

At Accordia we have inhouse fire resistance testing facility, and the cable goes through extensive testing at every stage of production.
In addition, the cable has been successfully tested by an independent external notified laboratory.

Accordia inhouse EN50200 test for fire resistant cables

Is it halogen free?

Yes, Pyrolink® F HS is Halogen Free


Why do you call it HyperShield®?

Accordia's HyperShield® technology is the design of a cable to optimize its electromagnetic shielding so that (a) it does not radiate the signal it carries and (b) it most effectively resists external electromagnetic interference

According to the EN-54 standard, in order to avoid false alarms, protection against electromagnetic interference is an essential requirement for both conventional and addressable fire detection systems.

For this reason, cables used are usually shielded, either with aluminum tape (in most cables on the market), or with wire braid (in LiYCY type cables)

Pyrolink® F HS with HyperShield® technology, combines BOTH wire braid AND Al tape (double shielding), achieving 6 times higher shielding than LiYCY and 8 times higher shielding than other tape-only fire cables.

This significantly reduces the "antenna effect" of the cable and thus the possibility of false alarms.



Why is Pyrolink® F HS easier to install than other fire retardants on the market?

It has a smaller diameter than standard fire resistant cables and is much more flexible. For this reason it is much easier to install. Moreover, it has no mica tape on conductors therefore it can be installed in significantly less time.


What is Pyrolink® F HS CPR class?

Typically fire resistant cables are currently exempt from  CPR and there is no obligation to classify. Nevertheless, at Accordia we chose to design it from the beginning to be in line with both the CPR and the PD. 41/18 and we have certified it with class Dca s2,d2,a1

That is, Pyrolink® F HS has BOTH good RESISTANCE/RESISTANCE to fire (FE180, PH120) AND good REACTION to fire (Dca s2,d2,a1)

You will find more about the entire Pyrolink® series and especially about Pyrolink® F HS here


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